About Travis

They say the greatest blessings are the ones you don’t expect. I don’t know who “they” are, but they are right.

My name is Travis and the most important “about me” is 1) I try to listen to God 2) I’m married to Laura and 3) I’m constantly learning from my four children.

Outside of this, I am a lifelong Texas Rangers fan, I’m a preacher, I like previews for scary movies but not scary movies, I only use eBay to bid on Rangers bobbleheads, I dabble in improv comedy, I was on a quest for a Fuzzy’s Taco t-shirt, I miss David Letterman, I believe Daylight Savings was created by the card industry, I watch Groundhog Day every year on Groundhog Day, Oreo Thins are legit, I miss weekly appointement television, I’d be ok if handshakes were not a thing, Christmas should never start before Thanksgiving, a blank Excel sheet is exciting, Batman is the greatest, coffee, I over-tweet, I think comparing hail to common objects is ridiculous, coffee black, I thought Batman V Superman was good, Lil’Sebastian, the Back to the Future trilogy is one cohesive movie, I know where I was August 7, 1992, Ron Swanson, Bacon, I said all the bacon, I pronounce GIF “jiff,” any Steve Martin movie, shoes with no laces are my preference, any Steve Martin book, no room for creamer, I’m really good at fantasy baseball, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a top five comedy, of all-time, I do not like four year olds and if I have a chance to take a nap I’m taking that nap.